By Jim Hodges

Summary: The third day anointing God has for His people calls them to serve as priest, prophet, and king.

The Body of Christ is in the third day of its history. In the Scripture the comparison is made between a day and a millennium: “a day is as a thousand years…” (II Peter 3.8). Have you ever though about it this way? The body of Christ is living in the 3rd millennium with the opportunity to become a first century Church again!

Throughout the Word of God, the third day is the day for rising up and ascending - both for God and His covenant people!

The Revelation of the Third Day

The most obvious reference is the resurrection of our Lord. He rose up on the third day out of the clutches of death and ascended to the Father in heaven. He rose up to His assigned place of ministry as King seated at the right hand of God. So must we rise up to our assigned place of ministry as a kingdom of priests (Revelation 5:9-10).

It was on the third day on Mt. Moriah that Abraham offered Isaac as a sacrifice. Of course on the same day he received him back - a picture of resurrection (Gen.22:4). It was on the third month after the Exodus that the Lord God gave Moses the law at Mt. Sinai (Exodus 19:1). Joseph came out of prison in Egypt in the third year when he interpreted Pharaoh’s dream (Genesis 41:1). Queen Esther put on her royal robes and came before the king of Persia on the third day to begin the process of saving her people from the wicked plot of Haman. (Esther 5:1) It was on the third day that the prophet Jonah was “resurrected” from the belly of the great fish. (The term three days and three nights is analogous to the third day.) The third day obviously speaks of a rising up and accomplishing significant things in the Kingdom of God!

Three Divinely Commissioned Anointings For Man.

In Genesis 1:28 The Lord God speaks to Adam and Eve and gives them three callings:

* “be fruitful and multiply” - this had to do with mediating and stewarding covenant relationships with God and man, i.e., the calling to be priests. The original couple were to serve first as priests in the Garden to minister to God in worship and prayer and to extend and multiply themselves through faithful relationships.

* “fill the earth” - they were to fill everything in the earth with the Word of God they had received. This as a calling to be prophets. They were responsible to interpret life and to apply the revealed word of God to every facet of their lives.

* “subdue and rule” - both of them were given delegated authority to steward and rule the earth under God’s authority. This was their calling to be kings (and queens!).
In their Fall, these callings were diminished in their application. In the rising of the Second Man, the Last Adam, the Lord Jesus, these callings are restored and released through the Body of Christ, the Church. The Church in the New Testament is described as a kingdom of priests who prophesy the Word of God to every sphere of life personally and corporately. (See I Peter 2:9, Revelation 1:6, 5:9-10, and Revelation 19:10).

The Three Anointing Of David

In I Samuel 17, the prophet anoints him to be the leader of Israel - this represents the prophet calling in David. (Peter in Acts 2:30 refer to him as a prophet). Of course, this also refers to David as having a prophetic promise that took many years to be fulfilled. Can you identify with him in this? I certainly can!

In II Samuel 2 the tribe of Judah anoints David as their king. King Saul had died, but Israel chose his son Ishbosheth to be their ruler. For seven years David ruled Judah. Judah, as you know, means “praise”. This speaks to David’s priestly calling as a worshipper of God.

In II Samuel 5 all the tribes make covenant with David and he finally rules over all of Israel. Here he is anointed in his kingly calling.

The Three Anointing Of Jesus

At the Jordan River, The Holy Spirit descends upon Jesus as His public ministry is released in the anointing of a prophet. At Calvary, when He offers Himself as the sacrifice for the sins of the world, He becomes the High Priest. (He is both the priest and the sacrifice!) At Pentecost, He sits down on the throne of David (Acts 2:33-36) and becomes the King of kings and Lord of lords. His inauguration includes the anointing oil poured upon Him which He then shares by pouring it out on the 120!

The Third Day Anointing For The Third Day Church

As we faithfully fulfill our calling as priests and prophets, the Lord will bring us into the third anointing as rulers under His authority. The third day anointing is governmental - it is the government of the Kingdom of God in history!

There are some exciting things happening to document that this governmental anointing is presently being released! A friend and colleague Barbara Wentroble, and her team, just returned from Afghanistan. They, along with Drs. Mark and Betsy Neuenschwander, ministered to and prayed for some of the highest government officials in that war-torn land. They established offices for education and medical clinics and told them they were there in the name of Jesus! Teams of Kingdom extenders will be going in periodically to continue this process of discipling a nation.

Don McGuire and I ministered in June in Ghana. Their president, John Kuffour, recently invited astronaut Charles Duke to speak to his cabinet officials. Most of them received the Lord after he shared his testimony!

Church, the third day is here and the 3rd anointing is being released! Our worship, intercession, and leadership must increasingly take on governmental dimensions! Rise up, oh Church of God, have done with lesser things!